What foods should I avoid during pregnancy?

Pregnancy and food:

Due to morning sickness, you may have a hard time eating a lot of foods you previously enjoyed during your first few months of pregnancy. You will be able to continue to enjoy most foods during pregnancy but there are a handful you should avoid.

What to avoid:

There is no known safe amount of alcohol during pregnancy and it should be avoided.

Certain foods have a higher risk of exposing the birthing parent or baby to harmful bacterias and should be avoided including:

  • processed meats

  • unpasteurized dairy products

  • unpasteurized juices

  • unwashed fruits and vegetables

  • raw or undercooked eggs, meat and seafood

Sushi and sashimi may be enjoyed in moderation. California sushi rolls have no raw fish. Most reputable restaurants use flash frozen fish for sashimi. Avoid large fish (who eat small fish) as mercury content may be higher.

Caffeine (coffee, tea, chocolate) is safe when limited to 2-300 mg per day (eg a cup of coffee with a piece of chocolate).

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