Can I have sex during pregnancy?

Sex during pregnancy

Sex during pregnancy is safe and will not harm your baby or lead to a miscarriage unless your healthcare provider advises you to avoid sex during pregnancy. Here are some reasons why:

  • Placenta previa (the placenta covers the exit of the uterus)

  • Current preterm birth risk such as with a short or opening cervix

  • Your water has broken

  • You are bleeding

Your sex drive might increase or decrease during pregnancy and this is perfectly normal. Finding different ways and positions to be intimate can be helpful. Honest and open communication with your partner sets the stage for continuing a healthy sexual relationship after your baby is born.

Does sex help to start labor?

There is no evidence to support that sex induces labour, although some of the hormones involved (prostaglandins in semen and oxytocin from nipple stimulation and bonding) are helpful in cervical ripening. Talk to your doctor about reliable methods for induction of labor when this is necessary.

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