I’ve been experiencing back pain and trouble sleeping, how do I manage it?

The third trimester is often the most uncomfortable for pregnant people. There are many different comfort measures to consider depending on your particular situation.

Back pain:

Back pain is a pregnancy symptom that can start early and worsen by the third trimester. It can be alleviated by:

  • Simple daily stretching and prenatal yoga

  • Massage or stretching with a licensed professional (RMT, DC, DO)

  • Taking a warm shower or bath can help to relax some of your back muscles


Insomnia can be a problem especially during late pregnancy. Here are some tips to improve sleep:

  • Keep a regular wake and bedtime schedule

  • Exercise regularly but avoiding exercise in the late afternoon or evening

  • Consider a white noise machine (this will come in handy for baby too!)

  • Use meditation tools and talk through anxieties with a family member, friend or a therapist can help ease your mind

  • Avoid large meals or spicy food right before bed

  • Stop your fluid intake a couple of hours before to prevent such frequent nighttime trips to urinate

  • Sleep on your left side, with a pillow tucked between your legs

  • Stretch before bedtime

Koble sessions:

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