How can I monitor my baby’s movements (kick counts) during pregnancy?

One way to monitor your baby’s movements at home is by performing kick counts. By around 24 weeks pregnant, you should experience a regular amount of movement. Many pregnant individuals feel movements the most when they are sitting or laying down. If you have a high risk pregnancy it is advisable to do kick counts daily between 26-32 weeks pregnant.

The best time to do a kick count is in the evening, at the same time every day. Lay down for two hours and count the amount of movements. If you feel less than six movements (i.e., flutters, kicks, rolling) in two hours, contact your health care provider for an assessment for both yourself and baby.

While babies do sleep inside you, if you have concerns that your baby is moving less and can't feel more movements after dancing around or giving your belly a light shake, trust your intuition and call your midwife/doctor and head to the hospital.


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