What positions are best for labour?

The best positions for labour will depend on your own comfort. Some positions will feel better than others, and it is important to change positions around every hour to help the baby move into an optimal position, and for labour to progress.

Generally, positions that use gravity and movement will be the best for labour progress. These include:

  • Hands-on knees, resting in child pose between contractions

  • Straddling a toilet or chair and leaning

  • “Slow dancing” with your support person. They support you with their arms around your waist or under your armpits, and you put your arms around their neck, leaning forward. Swaying during contractions with your feet firmly planted can feel good

  • Leaning forward onto a birth ball, counter or bed

  • Side lunges

  • If you have an epidural, lie on your side with a peanut ball to open up your pelvis. Alternate sides if your baby is tolerating this well

  • If you have an epidural, you can ask your nurse to lower the bottom part of your bed so that you can be in a supported seated position

Resource: https://www.healthyparentshealthychildren.ca/im-pregnant/labour-and-birth/positions-for-labour

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