What can I do to help flip a breech baby?

You can try at home exercises including breech and pelvic tilts, going on all fours, or inversions. Speak with your OB, midwife, or family doctor about whether these techniques might help or are safe for you. Some people seek massage or chiropractic care by finding a provider that is familiar with safer techniques like moxibustion, Webster Technique, or acupuncture.

If your baby is still in a breech position toward the end of the third trimester, your doctor or midwife may offer for an OB to do an external cephalic version (ECV). An ECV is performed by pressing on certain parts of your belly. This procedure can cause a lot of discomfort but has been successful in turning breech babies. You will be carefully monitored throughout in the event that the procedure brings on contractions, or breaking your water, or fetal distress. Speak further with your care provider about your options if your baby is bum down instead of head down by 32 weeks or so.

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