Is postpartum hair loss normal?

Postpartum hair loss:

It is common to experience postpartum hair loss a few months after birth. This usually peaks and is most noticeable (ex. hair all over the floor) in month 4 but can happen throughout the entire first year of baby’s life.

Why does this happen?

The good news is that this is not defined as actual hair loss. During pregnancy, hair stays in the growth phase, giving you luscious locks. The excessive, but temporary, shedding that you could experience is due to lowering estrogen levels.

What can I do?

Be aware of what products you use and how you use them, they can have an effect on postpartum hair loss. Volumizing shampoo and lighter conditioners will help minimize the look of fine or limp hair.

Seek medical attention if it lasts beyond the first year of you baby's life.

Koble sessions:

Postpartum hair loss by Dr Laura Von Hagen

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