How do I get my baby to sleep somewhere other than on me?

Re-create a womb like environment

Babies are biologically hardwired to seek closeness and proximity with their caregiver but the safest place for a baby to sleep is in a bassinet or crib. Re-creating the womb environment with their sleep space can improve chances of your baby sleeping there. This could include:

  • warming the bassinet prior to putting your baby inside (ensuring to remove any warming device before you place baby inside)

  • leaving something safely that has mom’s or milk scent near baby’s sleeping area

  • using white noise to mimic the womb

Other tips and tricks

Other tactics to help encourage your baby to sleep in their sleep space:

  • place your baby’s feet to end of the bassinet/crib to help mitigate their startle reflex

  • Explore putting your baby down both fully asleep (signs they are in a deep sleep include “the limp arm test” where you pick up their arm and look for no resistance as it drops back down) and drowsy but awake (some babies will do better being able to get out their restlessness in their bassinet

  • Provide comfort by shush-ing and holding/patting their belly)

Koble sessions:

Introduction to crib sleep by Aidan Black-Allen

Bedtime routines and transferring to the crib by Aidan Black-Allen

Other resources:

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