When is my baby old enough to start sleep training?

When can I start sleep training?

In general, it is advised to wait to do any sleep training until your baby is six months old.

Why wait until 6 months?

Multiple wake ups during the night are a protective factor against Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS). Once your baby is six month's old the risk of SIDS decreases significantly.

For the birth parent, reducing night feeds after six months will have less of an effect on your milk supply and on your fertility.

What can I do in months 1-6?

There are many things you can do before six months to improve sleep:

  • pay attention to wake windows and sleepy signs

  • help babies fall asleep using sleep triggers

  • explore putting baby in their crib drowsy but awake/awake and aware and comforting them from there

Koble sessions:

When to consider sleep coaching by Aidan Black-Allen

Introduction to sleep coaching by Aidan Black-Allen

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