What makes Koble different from other parenting apps?

We, at Koble, hold the following three beliefs, that collectively set us apart from other parenting apps:

  1. We believe and understand that families need multidisciplinary care, rather than the perspective of just one provider. This is why we have a community of experts, including OBGYNs, lactation consultants, pelvic floor physiotherapists, psychotherapists, and more.

  2. We believe that parenting is as much about caring for you, as it is caring for your child. This is why we have content that's not just for your baby, but also for you and your support people.

  3. We believe that family units take all forms. While other apps traditionally only support the birthing person, Koble includes resources for all family types, whether you're a birthing parent, partner, family figure, adoptive or surrogate parent.

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