What will I see and feel during and following a miscarriage? What should I expect?

Your family or emergency room doctor or gynecologist will be able to best counsel you on options for management of your loss (medicine or surgery or waiting). With medication for first trimester miscarriage, you will have cramps and pass tissue or clots like a very heavy period. Be prepared with pain medications and staying at home with some movies, hot water bottle, and support if you are bleeding too much and need to go to hospital. With D+C dilation and curettage surgery, this is a short procedure with sedation or general anaesthetic where you won't remember or feel the procedure. You may have some mild cramps and vaginal spotting afterwards. For later losses in second trimester, vaginal and pain medication will help you deliver your baby. Third trimester losses will depend on your circumstances and options will be given to you regarding delivery options.

Your doctor and hospital will provide you with nursing, chaplaincy, and social work support. You may seek additional support resources through PAIL (pregnancy and infant loss) groups with an individual psychotherapist on what to expect and how to navigate those emotions. This will help mentally and emotionally prepare you for stages of grief.

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For emotional support ideas, watch Coping with Miscarriage.

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